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Ghana 2019

The Republic of Ghana is among the 20 fastest growing nations in the world. Abundant in natural resources, it is a vibrant country moving to the forefront of West Africa's regional economic sphere. As it modernizes, Ghana also faces challenges from marginalizing traditional industries, confronting its history, and countering human trafficking, narcotics, and illicit fishing and mining.

In 2019, I captured these images in and around the capital of Accra, as well as in the Cape Coast, Gomoa and Twifo/Heman/Lower Denkyira Districts of Central Ghana. In particular, you'll see images of the Cape Coast Castle, one of forty pivotal fortresses enabling the historic European trade in enslaved labor. You'll see Ghanaians at work in traditional fishing work along the central coast and in Accra. And you'll see images of traditional markets and street vending in Cape Coast, Lower Denkyira and Gomoa.

  •  Street Vendors of Gomoa

    Street Vendors of Gomoa

  •  Gomoa Vendors

    Gomoa Vendors

  •  Street Vendor

    Street Vendor

  •  Peering Down the Alley

    Peering Down the Alley

  •  Walking to Market

    Walking to Market

  •  Long Walk to Market

    Long Walk to Market

  •  Cattle at Kakum

    Cattle at Kakum

  •  Fishing Fleet on the Beach

    Fishing Fleet on the Beach

  •  At the Gunnel

    At the Gunnel

  •  Gray Jamestown

    Gray Jamestown

  •  End of the Day

    End of the Day

  •  Kofi


  •  Cape Coast Fleet

    Cape Coast Fleet

  •  Corridor


  •  Vanishing Point

    Vanishing Point

  •  Smokey Work

    Smokey Work

  •  Shadow and Light

    Shadow and Light

  •  Ladder


  •  Looking for a Way Out

    Looking for a Way Out

  •  Dungeon Arches

    Dungeon Arches

  •  No Return

    No Return

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