fss exhibits

  •  gotham in the morning

    gotham in the morning

  •  cape coast fleet

    cape coast fleet

  •  millenium lovers

    millenium lovers

  •  on stone steps

    on stone steps

  •  up to the clouds

    up to the clouds

  •  atrium in contrast

    atrium in contrast

  •  clouds...interrupted


  •  the red line

    the red line

  •  vanishing ice house

    vanishing ice house

  •  all downhill

    all downhill

  •  blustery beach

    blustery beach

  •  gotham and liberty

    gotham and liberty

  •  street vendors of gomoa

    street vendors of gomoa

  •  curved light

    curved light

  •  walking the arcade

    walking the arcade

  •  convergence


  •  vietnam memorial at night

    vietnam memorial at night

  •  canadian concrete

    canadian concrete

  •  looking for the way out

    looking for the way out

  •  habitat


  •  air force memorial

    air force memorial

  •  korean eave

    korean eave

  •  light the way

    light the way

  •  the terminal

    the terminal

  •  the way up

    the way up

  •  gothic passage

    gothic passage

  •  abandoned on the deep river

    abandoned on the deep river

  •  smoke stacks in a black sky

    smoke stacks in a black sky

  •  waterman in the mist

    waterman in the mist

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