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Save Our Springs 2020

The Florida Springs are the surface expression of the Floridan Aquifer, which provides drinking water for over 10 million people. Environmentally, they are under intense stress from industrial-scale water extraction for bottling, insufficient replenishment and increasing run off from agricultural fertilizers.

In December 2019, the University of Florida's Marston Science Library in Gainesville, Florida selected 24 of my images for a digital exhibit entitled "Save Our Springs."

I shot these images at various springs in what is known as "Cave Country' in Northern Florida between 2013 and 2019.

  •  To the Cave

    To the Cave

  •  The Devil's Run

    The Devil's Run

  •  Sunburst on the Mill Pond

    Sunburst on the Mill Pond

  •  Restriction


  •  Reflected Sun on the Pond

    Reflected Sun on the Pond

  •  Rain on Merritt's Mill Pond

    Rain on Merritt's Mill Pond

  •  Peacock Tree

    Peacock Tree

  •  Peacock Spring in Spring

    Peacock Spring in Spring

  •  Peacock in the Mist

    Peacock in the Mist

  •  Merritt's Mill Pond

    Merritt's Mill Pond

  •  Madison Blue Morning

    Madison Blue Morning

  •  Light is Right

    Light is Right

  •  Highlighted


  •  Ginnie Spring

    Ginnie Spring

  •  Fossilized Whale Vertebrae

    Fossilized Whale Vertebrae

  •  Former Glory

    Former Glory

  •  Explorer


  •  Emerging from Below

    Emerging from Below

  •  Devil's Run

    Devil's Run

  •  Descent into Earth

    Descent into Earth

  •  At the Surface

    At the Surface

  •  On Deco at Peacock

    On Deco at Peacock

  •  Ascending from Olsen

    Ascending from Olsen

  •  After the Dive

    After the Dive

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