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Tangier Island 2019

Tangier is an Island situated in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia waters. It's known all over the world for the quality of its soft shell crabs, as well as a unique and isolated American sub-culture. And it's known even more for its place at the center of the debate on climate change and rising sea levels. Tangier Island has been receding slowly into the Chesapeake since 1850. Now, its chance for survival is at a critical stage. Building sea walls to protect the island and its inhabitants runs afoul of conservationists wanting the island to be left to nature. Blaming climate change for the island's sinking, tends to make us forget longer term geologic issues at play. Allowing the island to return to nature ignores a unique 400 year old cultural seafaring history.

While I'm probably not going to sway anyone to anyone side with my images, I do wish to show you in some small way not only the natural beauty and isolation of the island, but also the sense desolation in the face of nature's onslaught.

I shot these images, and a thousand more, during a 2019 visit to the island, and I'd like to thank all the Tangiermen, as the islanders call themselves, who welcomed me and gave me the chance to capture a short time in their history.

  •  old hut

    old hut

  •  tangier thundercloud

    tangier thundercloud

  •  hunting in the grass

    hunting in the grass

  •  tangiermen at rest

    tangiermen at rest

  •  abandoned crab shanty

    abandoned crab shanty

  •  boatwreck


  •  grounded in the grass

    grounded in the grass

  •  shanty under a dark sky

    shanty under a dark sky

  •  abandoned dock

    abandoned dock

  •  tangier reeds

    tangier reeds

  •  clouds over tangier

    clouds over tangier

  •  underused dinghy

    underused dinghy

  •  worn house on tangier

    worn house on tangier

  •  beach footbridge

    beach footbridge

  •  sunken fishing boat

    sunken fishing boat

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